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 Footmania Rules

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MessageSujet: Footmania Rules   5/13/2007, 5:26 pm

1) No insulting of other members.

If you
disagree with another Fan then say so but there is no need to hurl a
volley of abuse at them. Remember that how you read a users comment is
not necessarily how they intended it to come across, sarcasm is often
poorly conveyed in words.

2) Racial abuse.

Under no
circumstances will we tolerate any racial abuse. Any fan found guilty
of racially insulting another fans country/team of origin will be

3) Swearing.

Please remember that while many
of our members are adults we also have children reading the site. For
this reason we will not tolerate swearing. Several more common swear
words are automatically censored but this is only to stop other users
from having to read your profanities and you may still be cautioned.
Attempting to avoid the censor god with clever spelling is just as
offensive and still a bookable offence. Remember think before you type
there is often a better and more entertaining way of airing your

4) Facilities Abuse.

Several facilities are
provided for users on Footmania. These include such things as the
Private Messaging system and Member lists. Any user found abusing any
site facilities e.g. spamming other members will be dismissed.

5) Avatar Abuse.

are provided to give users an identity on Footmania so other users can
instantly recognise members’ posts. Currently a member can change
Avatars when they require, however it is frowned upon to change it too
often as not only does this increase server costs but also defeats the
point of the Avatar. Once a month is acceptable for any changes, not
once a day or week. Please make sure your avatar does not break any of
the above rules.

6) Spamming.

advertising/spamming of other web sites for personal gain is not
permitted. We have a links section where you can recommend a link to
share and we encourage you to do so if you have a PES/Football related
site. We have no problem with using other web sites to relay
information if it is for the good of the Fans. In addition to this,
needlessly profuse and/or frequent posting is also deemed to be

7) Signature Abuse.

A signature must
conform to the same rules as posting. Signatures must also be no bigger
than 6 lines of normal sized text. Signatures must not include special
characters to create flags and images. If a signature is deemed to be
breaking any of the above guidelines then the member may be asked to
change it. Refusal to do so may result in the member having their
signature removed for them and they may also be cautioned.

8 ) Unsuitable and/or Illegal Content.

posting of unsuitable pictures and content. This includes: - Any images
of a sexual nature, and specifically includes glamour photos or
anything deemed inappropriate for this site. - Any discussion of piracy
or illegal downloading of copyrighted material. This includes how to
get or how to use p2p software, no-cd cracks, Game/ROM images, console
chipping or any other illegal activities. - Posting links to any sites,
torrents or FTP addresses that allow such content.

9) Re-registering.

any member re-register on the site that account will banned
immediately. Should the member be serving a ban on another account that
ban will be extended for a period determined by the moderators, this
may also include a permanent ban for repeat offenders. A permanent ban
may also be issued for someone that registers purely to promote another
site or to be abusive.
We may also take whatever evidence of any repeated site abuse and pass it on to the ISP or just ban the IP address itself.

10) Dissent.

a member disagrees with a decision use the PM system to contact any
modo. Don't post about it on the public boards. Anyone that uses the
main forums to try and plead their case, especially in an abusive
manner, may be cautioned or banned if deemed necessary.

11) Advertising/selling of personal items.

selling of goods via this website will no longer be tolerated. More and
more people are starting threads to try and sell things on this site.
This has to stop. Simply put, we're not e-bay. This is a
Football/Soccer site; you want to flog something go use an auction
site. Anyone trying to sell anything on here will have the thread
removed, and recieve a warning, multiple offences will result in a

12) Streaming sites.

Discussions about Free
football/rugby/etc stream sites are not allowed on here. The legality
is very questionable and seeing as we've made a point of it to avoid
all questionable material on this site we can't allow it.
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Footmania Rules
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